Battery Reconditioning Method

Battery Reconditioning Method – Informations! Have you ever given a thought to recondition the old batteries instead of throwing them out? If not, then you should now, because it will not only help you to save your money but also you can help the environment too. People generally discard the old batteries when they are not usable any more but in reality these batteries can be reused just like before if you can recondition them.


Battery Reconditioning Method

Battery Reconditioning Method eBook

Throwing a battery is very easy but buying a new expensive battery is not that easy for many people. If you can learn some easy reconditioning procedures then you don’t have to spend money every time a battery gets unusable in your house. It may sound difficult for you at the beginning but once you get acquainted with the methods it will not be a problem anymore. And, shockingly, the methods are really easy! You don’t have to be a master of batteries to learn the reconditioning methods. Anyone can master in reconditioning by making little efforts. There are many people who run business on reconditioning batteries to earn money by repairing old unused batteries. If you are thinking to start a new business then you can also take battery reconditioning as your new business. This is a great business where you don’t need to invest much money to start. All you need to do is learning the procedure of reconditioning the batteries and some basic instrument to repair them. Once you learn the methods, you will see that it is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to start a business and make money. All kinds of batteries can be reconditioned including car batteries, cell phone batteries, solar panel batteries, motor cycle batteries, marine batteries, laptop batteries and many more. There are different types of batteries available and based on the type you have to use different procedures to make them usable again. So, how you can make the old batteries usable let see.

Battery Reconditioning Method

Here we have brought a complete guide on how you can recondition batteries based on the type of the battery.

Lead Acid Batteries

Battery Reconditioning Method

Battery Reconditioning

Lead-Acid batteries are mainly used in cars, trucks and other vehicles for their ability to offer high surge current. These are also an oldest type of rechargeable battery serving us for many years now. These types of batteries basically work by using the combination of lead plates and electrolyte in sulphuric acid and convert the electrical energy into chemical energy. You can also reverse this procedure by applying current. However, the lead plates become contaminated over time and they lose their capability to hold the energy. Instead of throwing those out you can simply use some additives (epsom salt solution) to the battery cells to make them able to work again. After this procedure is done, you have to recharge the battery for at least 24 hours to see if they are working again or not. However, while doing the battery reconditioning task you have to be very alert because the lead-acid batteries are very hazardous and it can produce burn or other physical damage if not done properly.

Li-Ion Batteries

Li-Ion or Lithium-Ion batteries are basically used in laptops, power tools and smartphones. These batteries are lightweight in nature and these types of batteries make the electricity portable and handy for all of us. When a lithium-ion battery is charging up, the positive electrode discharge some of its ions which passes to the negative electrode through electrolyte and this way they produces an electric current and remain there. When the battery is again discharging the opposite procedure takes place. While charging the battery impurities build up within the electrolyte which then creates problem in Ion transport which gradually reduces the power of the battery and makes it unusable to use. As these types of batteries does not contains any memory effect reconditioning them is quite difficult. The best way of Li-Ion battery reconditioning is by doing a full recharge. At first you have to discharge the battery completely and then again recharge it completely for at least 24 to 48 hours.

Ni-Cd Batteries

The Ni-Cd batteries or Nickel Cadmium batteries are mainly used in cordless phones, motorised equipments, commercial portable products, toys, two way radios, power tools etc. These batteries can be used in place of alkaline batteries because the size of alkaline batteries and Ni-Cd batteries are alike. The power creation method in Nickel Cadmium is same like lead-acid batteries but Ni-Cd batteries are more expensive because of the use of cadmium which is an expensive element.

However, after a long time usage, the capacity of the battery may decrease and the problem occurs because of memory problem or memory effect in Ni-Cd batteries. Overcharging a Ni-Cd battery or charging the battery before it is fully discharged basically creates the memory problem. To avoid this problem, first of all you can try a complete discharge and recharging cycles with the batteries for several times which will help you to recover the problem and it can bring the battery back in working condition. You can also try cooling the battery overnight and then recharge the battery to get better performance.

Battery Reconditioning Method

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Ni-Mh Batteries

Ni-Mh battries or Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries are available in the same size as alkaline batteries and they can be used as a replacement for alkaline batteries. These batteries are very powerful and they are mainly used in digital cameras, electric vehicles etc. If Ni-Mh batteries become old and unusable, they can be reconditioned using the same procedure as Ni-Cd batteries. You can also recondition them by charging the plates inside the batteries directly.

These are some of the basic methods of how you can recondition a battery but if you really want to take this seriously then you can learn the complete procedure from the battery reconditioning guides available in market. There are many guides and books are available from which you will get a complete idea about how you can transform unusable batteries into usable state again. This will not only save your own battery cost but also you can earn money by reconditioning batteries of other people around you.

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